How to use a LCPExpresso LCP1115 Rev A board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jschimpf255 on Fri Jun 20 09:20:10 MST 2014
It's me again... I just got the above board and when plugged into USB the LED blinks but LCPEXpresso cannot find the board. I tried searches, installing LCPEXPresso on a Windows machine and running it there and it's not found.  I read the documentation on the site and the manuals just show it connecting with no special directions.  I got this board because the LCP1114 combo board is end of lifed.

Also the Link-2 board which I have (that works) has the following USB Vendor/Product ID (0x21bd/0x0006), the LCP1115 has vendor/product ID of (0x471/0xdf55).  Also the device is listed as a Composite device  (Phillips Consumer Lifestyle BV). The Link-2 is listed LPCLINK2 Redlink

Do I need to tell Expresso something ? 

--jim schimpf