auto baudrate detection

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hi there!

For a project i want to edit the LPCopen canbus example program so it can automatically detect the baud rate. I have found a way how to do that.


The microcontroller I'm using is the LPC11C24.
I want to set the cancontroller into silent mode so it will not generate error frames which will disrupt the canbus. I have no clue on how to set the registers. I know CMSIS uses LPC11xx.h to acces te registers. But I cannot find something simular for LPCopen.

So can anyone help me on how i can set the registers? In the userguide the registers are CANCNTL (0x4005 0000 bit 7 page 286 User Guide UM10398) And CANTEST (0x4005 0014 bit 3 page 291 User Guide UM10398).

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