LPCXpresso/LPC114FN28/102 questions

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jschimpf255 on Wed Jun 18 10:01:20 MST 2014
  I have gotten LCPXpresso + Link-2 pod + DIP28 package LPC1114.  I have it hooked up the pod up to a breadboarded LPC1114 DIP chip.  The pod + processor work that is I can load/debug and run code. 

  The problem,  I have some of my code and some of the LPCXExpresso's samples built and run this way but they never make it to main()  the code hangs in board_sysinit.c in the line:

/* Wait for PLL to lock */
while (!Chip_Clock_IsSystemPLLLocked()) {}

where Chip_Clock_IsSystemPLLLocked() is:

STATIC INLINE bool Chip_Clock_IsSystemPLLLocked(void)
return (bool) ((LPC_SYSCTL->SYSPLLSTAT & 1) != 0);

The structure is all 0's

  I have configured the project for the MCU of LPC11xx -> LPC1114/201 since there wasn't 101 in the list.  Is there some other configuration needed ?  I checked in board_sysinit.c and it is set for the internal oscillator as the clock source.

  Also the Link-2 pod would not connect to the processor till I put a Jumper on J2.  It said it wasn't getting an ACK and after the Jumper it all works fine.  I have GND, SWDIO,SWCLK and nRESET hooked from the Link-2 to the processor on a breadboard.  (For the record I never see nRESET toggled is this correct ?)

  This is all running on Mac Book Pro OSX 10.9.3 and I am delighted that you support the Mac so well.

  --jim schimpf