Project for cardemulation with lpc1115 and pnev512b, looking for starter advice

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Hello there,
I'm not quite sure if I actually write this in the correct forums, but I'll try anyway so don't rib my head off if I'm wrong please. ^^
I'm a student and my group currently works on a project in which we want to try to create a working card emulation-application. So we're going to try to establish a connection with an nfc-chip which is used as a reader having the pnev512 emulating a card (e.g. mifare classic).
That's the goal.

My problem (and the problem of my co-workers) is now quite a simple one: we don't get it.
I tryed to summarize what we need to do but the problem is that we actually do know what card emulation is but we do not have a clue where we should start the research.

We worked with microcontrollers before in terms of having a datasheet, which explains how the controller works, and working on set exercises to get used to it. But this time we actually, for the first time, only have a goal and the problem is now how to get into all this stuff.

We actually started with trying to read example codes written with a mass of macros and countless classes and functions like I've never seen before and the simple question I'd like to ask here is if anyone might have any tipps how you actually start to work on stuff like this as a newbie in terms of projects.

I actually don't ask for a step-to-step instruction but rather for general practical advices how to deal with these kind of projects.
- How do you start when you are entering a completely unknown field?
- How do you build the fundamentals you can actually work with?