LPC1115FBD48/303 CT32B0CAP0 problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by assembled on Sat Oct 18 07:49:41 MST 2014
Hi, everyone.

I have stumbled upon some really strange behaviour of the LPC1115FBD48/303.

I am using CT32B0 cap0 and cap1 to capture quadrature signal. The problem is that p1_5 cap0 function is working as intended and p2_9 cap0 simply does not work. I am sure I set up everything as per manual, but counter value never gets written to cr0 and interrupt is never generated by cap0 while cap1 functions as intended, reading p2_9 returns correct pin data. If I change p1_5 function to cap0 and change nothing else, interrupt gets generated by p1_5 state and cr0 gets counter value.

I have checked every rellevant register using debugging and everything should work, but just does not.

Please advise.