Need help with LPC11xx in own application!

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Martin84 on Mon May 19 13:59:24 MST 2014

I'm trying to use the LPC1113/301 and LPC1114/301 in my own application. The LPC1113 is soldered on an own application board. Because I have a problem with programming the LPC1113 I have also tried to integrate the LPCXpresso Board with the LPC1114 in my own application. In both cases I can't program the LPC with "Debug" command.

If I directly use the "Program flash" command everything works fine. In another thread I read that other users had success with disabling Interrupts. Where can I do this?

After completion of programming the .axf to flash, I get the message "Executing in bootloader".

Now when I'm trying the same with the LPC1769 Xpresso Board I can use the "Debug" command without any problems. And when I'm using the "Program flash" command, I get the message "executing in user flash".

What do I have to configure for the LPC111x µCs and where can I do this?