LPC11U67 I2C ROM Driver Bug?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Belias on Wed Jun 25 05:01:59 MST 2014
I am porting an CMSIS project (previously running on LPC1115) to LPCOpen, because the LPC11U67 is not supported in CMSIS.

But currently the ROM API gives me some headaches.

I dont know if this problem is directly connected to the ROM API Problem but:

I have a test loop, which does the following:
for (i = 0; i < 1000; ++i) {
if (sensorReadByte(MMA8451_ADDR, ACC_WHO_AM_I) != 0x1A) {
printf("Acc WhoAmI Register incorrect %d\n", i);
} else {
printf("Acc WhoAmI Register correct %d\n", i);

sensorReadByte calls the ROM API for I2C. With very strange effects. The variable i stays 0 all the time (and the code is stuck in the loop forever). After some investigation i found, that the compiler places i inside register r4. But when the I2C Rom API gets called, r4 gets reset to 0 (after it is indeed incremented by one).

If i comment out the call of the I2C ROM API, everything is fine, and the loop runs as expected, so the ROM API call to LPC_I2CD_API->i2c_master_tx_rx_intr(i2cHandleMaster, &param,
screws R4, which should not be the case.

Is this a bug in the ROM API? AFAIK R4 (and above) must be preseved by the method that gets called.

Any Ideas? Thanks! :)