LPC11u68 MSC

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I'm using LPCOpen v2.06 with a LPC11u68 dev board. I've added on a microSD card shield and have FatFS running, so basically I have what I need and know that the microSD card can be read/written by the processor. So far, so good.

However....it would be a great feature to be able to plug the dev board into a PC and access the SD card  - basically making the devboard look like a USB MSC device. Thus any files logged onto the microSD card could be extracted without needing to remove the microSD card. Given the size of microSD cards (and the potential to break the socket/card on insertion), this would be a definite plus point.

Does anyone know if this is possible using the USBD rom library on the LPC11u68? There are example projects for a number of device classes, but not for MSC as (sadly) the dev board doesn't have this capability out of the box.

I'm reviewing AN11232 to see what I can glean, but any pointers would be very much appreciated.