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Hi all,

I have used the "selfwakeup" example which uses the TIMER16B0_MAT0.
For my application I need 86400 counts but timer16 can only count 2^16=65536.

Will the PC (prescale counter) do that job or should I use the TIMER32B0_MATx ?

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Below is the code for Timer16 Driver for the self wake up example.

/* Turn on 16-bit Timer 0 and IOCON, in case it hasn't already been turned on */
LPC_SYSCON->SYSAHBCLKCTRL|=(1<<7) | (1<<16);

/* Disable and Reset Timer */
LPC_TMR16B0->TCR = (1<<1);

/* Setup Timer prescaler */

/* Match Reg 0: Interrupt Disabled, Reset Enabled, Do not Stop */
LPC_TMR16B0->MCR =(1<<1);

/* Match Reg 0 value */
LPC_TMR16B0->MR0 =match;

/* External Match; Clear output and set on match */
LPC_TMR16B0->EMR =(0x2<<4);

/* Enable MAT0 onto IOCON: CT16BO_MAT0: PIO0_8 */
LPC_IOCON->PIO0_8 = (2<<0);