Vector Table Relocation - for 2nd boot area

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For the LPC11u37, the vector table is relocatable.  The following is an extension of this and I am curious if you can direct me to an app note - specifically, can a persistent memory location be set to a specified value by the application and then read and interpreted by the boot loader during the startup sequence after a reset.  The boot loader would execute like it always does only it would also interrogate this designated persistent memory location to determine whether or not to enter into ISP mode or not.  This ISP mode would in essence be triggered by loading the PC w/the address of a section of memory that was a bootloader.

A secondary designated persistent memory location could also be used to tell the boot loader to setup a WD reset to occur after some duration.

Thus, if during ISP (from the second PC address) something happened, the WD would reset the system and the designated memory location not queried.

Thank you.  Rick