1114 SPI Header File Help

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I'm trying to use the 1114 board and an SPI. I'm new to the whole concept so have been looking at other posts in the forum to get a feel for what the code is doing.

I couldn't find an SPI example code for this board - there is one for the 11u14 and the 812 (which I was using previously). I had a look at these to try and follow the SPI code through.

Because I couldn't find an SPI example code (or SSP - which one of the other threads suggested I used) I tried to make my own using the 11u14 and adapting it for the 1114. However the functions used in these aren't recognised at all. I thought this was due to it not being able to find the header file (e.g. lpc8xx_spi.h) so tried to replicate this for the 1114 - but with no success.

I assume there must be a much simpler way to use the SPI functionality of the 1114 chip - surely there must be some sample code from nxp for the spi.

Please could you help me:

1. find the sample code and header files for the 1114 SPI
2. should I try to adapt the 11u14 or 812 spi code(which one is best?). And how should I go about this??

(If you've used the SPI function on a 1114 board please can you tell me how you went about setting it up - did you simply adapt an example code specifically for the 1114 board.)