32 bit timer; PWM going to completley on state at non regular intervals

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by george.thaliath on Tue Nov 19 23:20:38 MST 2013
I have been working on the LPC1114's 32 bit timer.(configured as PWM)
I am changing the PWM duty cycle at a regular interval of 33Hz
while going through the output of the micro, it was noted that the PWM pulse was going to a full hight state for one complete timer period.
This abnormal operation is repeated at NON REGULAR intervals.

The piece of code also has UART and WDT in it.
I did check if the WDT was making the system reset(it is not)

It would be great if some one there could point me in which direction to look. or the cause for this to happen.

thanks in advance.