LPCOpen - what am I missing?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DodigI on Wed Nov 06 07:16:43 MST 2013
Dear community & NXP,
I'm trying to use LPCOpen 2 .0 but it seems I'm missing something.
Please be kind and answer a few questions.

I would like to use LPCOpen with a custom board built around a LPC1114 MCU.

1) I presume LPC11XX family is not supported? It's not listed here (i.e. no download link)
and when I change sys_config.h to #define CHIP_LPC110X I get an error that file named "cmsis_110x.h" is missing which cannot be found in the LPCOpen package. 

2) Is there any documentation on setting up the library? I have found the Keil getting started guide but it is, with all respect, useless. Why are things like sys_config.h not mentioned?

3) What is the purpose of a library built for boards like LPCXpresso and similar. I want to use the library with professional tools like Keil MDK on custom boards like 99% of other developers.

I'm looking forward to your helpful answer.

Best regards,