Blinky load fails

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Sorry for probably posting the most stupid of the posts ever, but eventually after days and days of trying, I need some helps :(
I got my LPCXpresso LPC1115 Rev A unit.

Trying to run Periph_Blinky.

- When connecting the unit to Power, I get Led2 blinking.
- Then I compile and "debug" "Periph_Blinky" Project.

No matter what I do, I get an error "15: Target error from Commit Flash write"

Reading the error description, I thought it is a power issue for the flash writing.
- I used a power USB HUB - still same issue
- I moved to a docking station connectivity - still same issue

Still nothing - I always get the error, and then Led2 stops blinking.

Maybe I am doing something much more basically wrong ?
Is Periph_Blinky compatible to 1115 ?

Any suggestion on how to go forward ?