serial programming LPC11e12 problem | unable to communicate

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by chaitanya priya on Thu Sep 19 23:30:44 MST 2013
Dear users;
I am complete beginner with LPC family
I am presently trying to program LPC11e12 using serial port.
I am using Keil 4 to generate hex code and Flash magic to burn the code.
We are able to generate the HEx code without any error and have tested the code on a localy available development board(through UART), it is working fine.
However when we are trying to burn the code on our target board, We are unable to burn it. Flash magic says " UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE"
It will be of great help if anyone can tell us what we might be doing wrong?(Please state all possible faults that can occur , We will check for all possible remedies)
As stated earlier we are complete beginner so we don't know where to begin. If any input is required (schematic or code ) we are ready to share that too.
Your help will be much appreciated