LPC1114 "flash write done" hang

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Hi all

I have been using LPCXpresso on a custom target board (LPC1114 mcu) for a while now. I've got 2 target boards. They were both worked for a while, while connected to the LPC11U14 LPC-Link (i.e. could single step, set breakpoints, download debug code, etc.). Now, one board works, and the other doesn't. The one that doesn't work makes it to "Flash write done" when starting debugging but then just hangs, with "Launching app 97%" endlessly displayed in the bottom status bar. The other board continues to debug just fine.

I'm guessing that I've somehow damaged my hardware but I'm looking for any leads as to what/how/root cause. What would cause LPCXpresso to seemingly download code to the board but then not be able to go any further?

Any hints appreciated.