Handle Software Breakpoints

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sarafidis on Tue Sep 01 04:35:23 MST 2015
Hi there,

I am using LPC11U35 with Keil uvision. I need to handle software breakpoint as mentioned at

The assembly given is not applicable at uvision. I have made some changes but I still have problems. Below is my changed code:

MOV   R0, #4
MOV    R1, __return_address()
TST    R0, R1
MRS    R0, PSP
B      _checkFaultInstruction
MRS    R0, MSP
LDR    R1, [R0,#24]
LDRH      R2, [R1]
MOV    R3, 0xBEAB
CMP        R2, R3
BNE    HardFault_HandlerC 
ADDS      R1, #2
STR    R1, [R0,#24]
BX        __return_address()

I have replaced LR with __return_address() and "LDR    R3,=0xBEAB" with "MOV  R3, 0xBEAB" as mentioned at

I am getting the following errors:

1) "BX __return_address()" -> error #1084: This instruction not permitted in inline assembler.
2) "BNE HardFault_HandlerC " -> error #114:label "HardFault_HandlerC" was reference but not defined
   HardFault_HandlerC is a function name
3) "BX __return_address()" -> error #114:label "__return_address" was reference but not defined

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.