Jump to the USB bootloader from user code

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I am using LPCOpen v2 on an LPC11u37 device. I am trying to write a function that can be called by my code that will reset the device into the USB bootloader. I started with the example code here (http://www.nxp.com/documents/application_note/AN11305.zip) in the autoisp_11U section. Based on this code, I modified their functions to be compatible with the LPCOpen.

uint32_t command[5], result[4];
#define init_msdstate() *((uint32_t *)(0x10000054)) = 0x0

void ReinvokeISP(void)

  /* make sure USB clock is turned on before calling ISP */
  /* make sure 32-bit Timer 1 is turned on before calling ISP */
  /* make sure GPIO clock is turned on before calling ISP */
  /* make sure IO configuration clock is turned on before calling ISP */

  /* make sure AHB clock divider is 1:1 */

  /* Send Reinvoke ISP command to ISP entry point*/
  command[0] = 57;

  init_msdstate(); /* Initialize Storage state machine */
  /* Set stack pointer to ROM value (reset default) This must be the last
     piece of code executed before calling ISP, because most C expressions
     and function returns will fail after the stack pointer is changed. */
  __set_MSP(*((uint32_t *)0x00000000));

  /* Enter ISP. We call "iap_entry" to enter ISP because the ISP entry is done
     through the same command interface as IAP. */
  iap_entry(command, result);
  // Not supposed to come back!

void WDTInit( void )
uint32_t i;
uint32_t wdtFreq;

/* Initialize WWDT (also enables WWDT clock) */

/* Prior to initializing the watchdog driver, the clocking for the
   watchdog must be enabled. This example uses the watchdog oscillator
   set at a 50KHz (1Mhz / 20) clock rate. */
Chip_Clock_SetWDTOSC(WDTLFO_OSC_1_05, 20);

/* The WDT divides the input frequency into it by 4 */
wdtFreq = Chip_Clock_GetWDTOSCRate() / 4;

/* LPC1102/4, LPC11XXLV, and LPC11CXX devices select the watchdog
   clock source from the SYSCLK block, while LPC11AXX, LPC11EXX, and
   LPC11UXX devices select the clock as part of the watchdog block. */
/* Select watchdog oscillator for WDT clock source */

Chip_WWDT_SetTimeOut(LPC_WWDT, 0x7FFF);

/* Make sure feed sequence executed properly */
for (i = 0; i < 0x80; i++);


I don't think the watchdog function is needed, but I included it for completeness. An astute observer may note that I call a FreeRTOS function at the beginning of the ReinvokeISP() function. I am running FreeRTOS if that matters.

This code does not seem to have the desired effect. When I call the ReinvokeISP() function, it breaks the USB functionality of the device (a USB CDC device), but does not start the USB bootloader. How is this function supposed to work? I was expecting the CDC device to disappear and a MSC device to appear with the firmware.bin file. Is there any easier way to do this?