lpc1114 GPIO problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mshrestha789 on Tue Jan 17 22:04:02 MST 2012
I am having problem with masking the bit for reading and writing operation.
Here's what I am doing

LPC_GPIO0->DIR |= (1<<3)|(1<<5);
LPC_GPIO0->MASKED_ACCESS[(1<<3)|(1<<5)] = (1<<3)|(1<<5);

In above code, it is suppose to mask only 3rd and 5th bits of GPIO 0. Bit it masks all bits.
Another strange thing I notice that in above code, replacing
LPC_GPIO0->MASKED_ACCESS[(1<<3)|(1<<5)] = (1<<3)|(1<<5);
LPC_GPIO0->MASKED_ACCESS[0] = (1<<3)|(1<<5);
makes no difference. Here in place of 0, writing any number makes no difference.

Can any one help??