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I'm playing around with the examples of the LPC11C24. I wanted to read all 8 ADC Ports. How do I do that? I just changed the ADC_CH0 to ADC_CH1 and its not working. Do I have to define or change something to also read the other ports?

* @brief LPC11xx ADC example
* @note
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* this code.

#include "board.h"
#include <stdio.h>

#if !defined(CHIP_LPC1125)

* Private types/enumerations/variables


* Public types/enumerations/variables

* Private functions

static void Init_ADC_PinMux(void)
#if (defined(BOARD_NXP_XPRESSO_11U14) || defined(BOARD_NGX_BLUEBOARD_11U24))
Chip_IOCON_PinMuxSet(LPC_IOCON, 0, 11, FUNC2);
#elif defined(BOARD_NXP_XPRESSO_11C24)
#error "Pin muxing for ADC not configured"

* Public functions

* @briefmain routine for ADC example
* @returnFunction should not exit
int main(void)
uint16_t dataADC;
int j;


/* ADC Init */
Chip_ADC_Init(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup);
Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, ADC_CH1, ENABLE);

while (1) {

/* Start A/D conversion */

/* Waiting for A/D conversion complete */
while (Chip_ADC_ReadStatus(LPC_ADC, ADC_CH1, ADC_DR_DONE_STAT) != SET) {}

/* Read ADC value */
Chip_ADC_ReadValue(LPC_ADC, ADC_CH1, &dataADC);

/* Print ADC value */
DEBUGOUT("ADC value port 1 is 0x%x \r\n  ", dataADC);

/* Delay */
j = 5000000;
while (j--) {}

/* Should not run to here */
return 0;

#endif /* !defined(CHIP_LPC1125) */