LPCOpen Getting Started with New Project

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At the risk of sounding like a complete noob: how does one actually get started on a new project using LPCOpen? I've read through the documentation, and all I can find is a quick start guide for importing examples for the LPC11U14 Xpresso board. Half of these projects don't build due to some linker error, and the USB examples seem to ignore the USE_USB_ROM_STACK flag when I set it. I've got an Embedded Artists LPC11U35 QuickStart board, and I want to start a new project using the core drivers and LPCUSBLib. I've been able to get bare projects up and running by following the LPCXpresso guide and importing CMSIS, and I can also get the older nxpUSBlib working properly complete with ROM driver support, but I want the "platform independence" that LPCOpen offers. Could somebody walk me through the process of actually creating a new workspace and project that leverages these libraries?


Neil Thiessen