GPIO port difference

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by korndoerfer on Tue May 06 05:20:12 MST 2014
I am running the LPC-1115 with complex software after conversion coming from a P89V664 used for long time before.
A lot is running fine using LCD-Display, I2C, SSP, and a lot of GPIO-bits.
The problem is that identical LPC_GPIO on different ports are not working.
The port usage is:
Port 0: I2c, SWIO,  individual GPIO
Port 1: UART, PWM,  individual GPIO
Port 2: SSP, LCD-GPIO,  individual GPIO
Port 3: individual GPIO
The individual GPIO are working only on port 2.
For test I did use in sequence portNum and bitPosi:
GPIOSetDir (portNum, bitPos, 1);set out  for output
GPIOSetValue (portNum, bitPos, 0);set low
GPIOSetValue (portNum, bitPos, 1);set high

The test using ‘MASKED_ACCESS’ did nothing change.
Is there any masking function which I did not recognize?
Thank you for helping.