How to use the LPC1114 board without the debugger board.

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Hi all,

I got this board from Digikey http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/OM13014,598/568-7517-ND/2700004  and was able to build and run the examples on it (so far so good).

My next step is to separate between the debugger and the target board and use the target board in an actual design that exchange data with a computer via USB/Serial.

1. Where can I find the hardware manual of the above board?  Something that explain the various jumpers and headers and how to use the target half as a stand alone board.

2. If I separate the target board and run it independently connected to a USB port, where does it gets the 3.3V?  Can it regulate its own 3.3V from its USB +5V power?

3. I separate the target board and run it independently, is there a way to update its firmware from its USB port (via some bootloader) without having to connect the debugger board?