LPC11Cxx CAN Controller Automatic Retransmission - TEC

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Hi All,

We are trying to desing an CANopen node with LPC11C14.

Automatic Retransmission is active as required by standard.

But I have seen this unexpected behaivior while testing.

1. I have remove the can bus connector.
2. Then power the device
3. My device tries to transmit firt message (Boot-Up) as usual. But there is no any device on bus to ACK.
4. So my device increase TEC by 8 as expected.
5. After 16 attemp controller turn the Error Passive condition as expected.
6. But automatic transmission is stopped then. This was unexpected ! It should try untill BUS OFF condition. Should not it ?

Is there a attempt limit for automatic transmission ? Is it disabled in Error Active condition ?

Best Regards.