Does the LPC-Link2 support LPC11A04 and LPC11A02?

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Could someone please tell me if the LPC-Link2 supports the LPC11A04 and LPC11A02?

I am asking this because according to the NXP website the LPC-Link doesn't. It appears that the LPC-Link does support LPC11A14 but not the 04 and 02.


Why does LPC-Link not work with the LPC11A02 and LPC11A04?
The LPC-Link communicates with LPC11A02/04 through the SWD pins.  The SWD pins on the LPC11A02/04 have glitch filters enabled by default.  The LPC-Link operate at a speed which gets filtered out by the glitch filter.  To use LPCXpresso with the LPC11A02/04, please use the Red Probe debugger which allows changing of the SWD clock frequency.

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