Connecting many LPC11C24s to CAN bus - ACK loading problem

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Hello all,

I have an application where strips of high powered RGB LEDs are each controlled by an LPC11C24, and they are all remotely controlled over a CAN bus.

At the other end of the CAN bus I have an LPC1768-based board with a TI transceiver to control all of the LED boards. There's proper termination at each end of the bus.

The problem I have is that as I add more boards into the daisy-chain of the CAN bus, I get more and more error frames.

Scoping this, it seems that the ACK signal gets stronger and stronger and pulls the levels of the CAN bus itself beyond its common-mode range.

I can prove it by pulling the STB high (to make them silent) on all the boards except the last one. When I re-run in this configuration I never see a single error frame.

Has anyone seen anything similar, or know how to overcome this without using an LPC11C14 + external transceiver?