LPCOpen - Power Management issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by clkunde on Thu Dec 05 06:09:18 MST 2013
Dear members,

I'm using the LPC1112 in my project.

According the LPCOpen documentation, the LPC1112 device is supported by the definition CHIP_LPC11CXX

Also according the datasheet, LPC1112 and LPC11Cxx supports three sleep modes (sleep, deep-sleep and deep power down)

However, looking into the LPCOpen implementation for the power management (pmu_11xx.c), there are some defines that disable the deep sleep for the definition CHIP_LPC11CXX. Just the deep power mode is available.

The question: Is there a reason for this? Has the chip a bug for deep sleep? I tried to put the chip in deep sleep mode using registers, but without success.

Thank you,

Claudio Kunde