11u14/201 -- CAN example code

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Just getting started with NXP. I have the demo board and have hello world working. Now wanting to watch CAN traffic with it. It looks like the LPCOpen archive lpcopen_v2_00a_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpcxpresso_11u14.zip does not have CAN examples...?

I sort of wanted to confirm that before I go looking at other archives to try and import code...

Are there suggestions for which other archive to import and try?
Should I import ONLY the CAN project from that archive into my workspace?

And I have the 4 great CANbus threads bookmarked for getting going.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated. Initially, I'm using this to monitor & reverse engineer proprietary PIDs in a vehicle CANbus. Ultimately, the hardware is inexpensive enough, I may package a USB or BT solution with the target side of the board. Here, too, I'll be soliciting ideas based on the boards capabilities and strengths.