LPC1114 and Rotary necoder

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Hello all

I have a problem which is literally driving me crazy and I can't solve it.
I want to control a variable "number" with my rotary encoder

Here's the code for initialisation

void controlsinit()
//PIO2_5 <-- A
//PIO0_6 <-- B
LPC_GPIO2->DIR &= ~(1<<5);//PIO2_5 as input
LPC_GPIO0->DIR &= ~(1<<6);//PIO0_6 as input

LPC_GPIO2->IS &= ~(1<<5);//edge sensitive
LPC_GPIO2->IBE &= ~(1<<5);//no both edges
LPC_GPIO2->IEV &= ~(1<<5);//falling edge
LPC_GPIO2->IE |= (1<<5);//falling edge


And here's the interrupt code
void PIOINT2_IRQHandler(void)
if (LPC_GPIO0->DATA & (1<<6)) number--;
else number++;
LPC_GPIO2->IC = LPC_GPIO2->RIS;//clear edge interrupt

So I basically want to increment/decrement the variable number by rotating the knob.
The result is very random. Sometimes it is incrementing/decrementing by one, sometimes by 2 or even 50... sometimes it doesn't change the variable at all. Completely random.

Is there anything wrong with my code?