[Solved] IOCON values not sticking

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by TheOtherMike on Tue May 06 01:48:38 MST 2014
For some reason when I attempt to write to a pin's IOCON register, the values never actually take hold.

I have tried setting the register using bit masking:

IOCON_PIO2_10 &= ~0x3F;
IOCON_PIO2_10 |= (1<<4);

I have tried setting the register explicitly:
 IOCON_PIO2_10 = 0b11001000; 

and I have even tried writing to the memory location of PIO2_10 ( 0x4004 4058) directly:
*(pREG32 (0x40044058)) = 0b11001000;

and nothing has worked. Every time I stop at my breakpoint after the write operation in LPCXpresso and check the value of IOCON with the attached LPC-Link, the values are incorrect. I have also verified with a multimeter that the pulldowns aren't being switched in. My question is am I missing something fundamental here?

For reference I have verified that the GPIO peripheral has power, and I am able to change pin directions.