LPC1112 programming problem

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I've got problems to program LPC1112F/101 (HVQFN33 case) :

I made 2 verisons of PCB, first in January and second one in April.

I test the first one with success few month ago with LPC1112 revision "A" : (LPC1112F/101 - 918.105 - ZSD10300A)

The new board is also working with the same revision of the LPC1112.

Now old PCB and new PCB can't be prgorammed with new LPC1112 revision "B" (LPC1112F/101 - 536.118 - ZSD12211B).

I also try to connect a RS232 driver to drive RXD, TXD IAP and reset without success on the new board.

I use the last version of Keil (v4.70a), a J-Link Ultra from Segger with the last update. I've got message "Erase done" then "Flash timout".

I connect just the minimum PINS :

- Xtal (with a 12.0Mhz cristal)

- Vdd (pin6 and 9)

- Vss (with 100nF capacitors)

- IAP with 47K pullup to 3.3v

- Reset with 10K pullup and 100nF capacitor from ground

- To J-Link  : SWCLK, SWDIO, Ground, 3.3V and Reset


Any idea ?