LPC11C24 CAN explanation: explain like I'm five

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Hello all,

I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to use CAN. All I need to do is some basic transmit and receive functions but the documentation/sample code under LPCopen and LPC11C24 user guide is very hard to read. Note that I have never used CAN before, all I know is its general overview from Wikipedia.  I attached a snippet from the user manual which I think contains some info, and I also attached the LPCopen CAN code snippet.

Basically I'm confused on how to setup msg_obj, I already figured how to use the CAN functions, ie. LPC_CCAN_API->can_transmit and LPC_CCAN_API->config_rxmsgobj.

My questions are:
what to do with msg_obj.msgobj?
what to do with msg_obj.mode_id?
what to do with msg_obj.mask?

Any form of guidance is deeply appreciated :)