LPC11Cxx C_CAN controller msgobject ignored

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Harrie on Wed Sep 23 01:18:35 MST 2015
Unfortunately I am currently facing a problem, where only one particular msgobject is ignored.

- The baud-rate for the CAN bus is set to 250 kb/s.
- Each msgobject is masked to only permit single identifier.

This problem only seems to occur when messages for this msgobject are received at a rate of approximately 500 us.
Upon ignoring this message, messages coming from other identifiers remain to be processed correctly.

I have no control of the sending nodes, hence I seek a solution for this problem for the receiving side (LPC11C24).
To solve this problem I already arranged the msgobjects by priority, however solution this didn't help.
Any advice or suggestion leading to solving this problem is welcome.