Header file for ROM for LPC11U2x

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Does anyone know where I can find an all-in-one header file (and user-manual) for the built-in ROM code on the LPC11U24?  I have found bits and pieces here and there, and can construct a monolithic header file on my own, but I would rather have an officially supported one from NXP.

There is a *LOT* of code and functionality in the ROM, but it is practically worthless without a header file, some example code, and a good user-manual.  I am not asking for source-code to the ROM (which would be nice), but a cleaner way of using the device.

The ROM code on these devices has been out for a long while, and I am certain that whomever wrote the firmware that lives in the ROM has a header file for using the user-level API into the firmware, but I am having a hard time finding it.  (Yes, I know that there might be a different header file for different die revision numbers, but I can deal with that on my end).