Is there a mistake in lpc11u14 USB CCID App Note

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 Hello I'am working on an USB Smart Card Reader Project, According to that I have stared to work with LPC Expresso LPC11U14 Board, and application note AN11121. Everything was fine up to today. Now I'am trying to done shematics but I am realy confused.

This pin definations on software,    


/* Configuration for miscellaneous GPIO for Smart Card, assuming all GPIO on same port */

#define SC_GPIO                            LPC_GPIO

#define POWER_ENABLE                        (_BV(13)) /* P1.11 */

#define POWER_ENABLE_IOCON                  PIO1_13

#define CARD_DETECT                         (_BV(14)) /* P1.10 */

#define CARD_DETECT_IOCON                   PIO1_14

#define CARD_ACTIVITY                       (_BV(15)) /* P1.9 */

#define CARD_ACTIVITY_IOCON                 PIO1_15

#define CARD_RESET                          (_BV(16)) /* P1.12 */

#define CARD_RESET_IOCON                    PIO1_16


#define SC_PWM                              LPC_CT32B1

#define SC_CLK_IOCON                        TRST_PIO0_14


And You can see pin connection in attached PDf file on the picture.

Two of them is realy different, is somebody could help me about this?