LPC11C24 - vector remap generates HardFault

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bomba82 on Fri Jan 31 01:47:26 MST 2014
  I am trying to implement a solution for upgrading firmware using a CAN second bootloader approach.
To do so I need to remap vectors for the application firmware. Since bootloader fits in 2 pages, my application executes from address 0x2000 and then I need to use vector remapping to RAM.

I had success in my first attempt to upgrade firmware with a simple blinky project. The problems arose when I tried to add CAN communication to that simple project: I get a HardFault error after I make the first call to "can_transmit" function.

To simplify things I tried to execute the project in debug configuration from address 0x0000.
If I execute the project without remapping everything is ok.
If I execute the same project trying to remap vectors from 0x0000 to 0x10000000 (SYSMEMREMAP=1) I get that HardFault error. (there is no sense to do that remapping, but it's just to test remapping in the easiest way)

I read the user manual and many threads on this forum but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Does someone have any suggestions?

I attach the BlinkyCAN project. It's very simple to view the problem:
1) try to execute the project as provided. It should execute correctly on a LPC11C24 LPCXpresso Board. The LED should blink.
2) Set the "EXCLUDE_CAN" macro to 0. The HardFault problem arises.

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