LPC1115 ADC Overrun Problem

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I need to sample 6 ADC channels at a rate of 150Hz. I am using BURST mode for the 6 channels. BURST is activated by a timer interrupt at 150Hz. When the 6th conversion is ready, and ADC interrupt stops the BURST, so that BURST is only activated at a rate of 150Hz. However, when I enter the ADC interrupt(which means that the 6th conversion is ready), the OVERRUN flag is being marked as set (This bit is 1 in burst mode if the results of one or more conversions was (were) lost and overwritten before the conversion that produced the result).

Since an interrupt is being activated once the 6th conversion is ready, and this ADC interrupt stops the burst conversions, how is the overrun flag being set ? This way, BURST is only supposed to do the conversions once.