Using debug_printf in lib_small_printf_m0

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Evening folks - having some trouble implementing the lib_small_printf_m0 library in my own project.

I know this topic has been touched on before but I still can't figure it out based on the posts that exist - so - if someone could walk me through what's happening here, I'd be most appreciative.

I have a workspace which includes the lib_small_printf_m0 project, the example adc project and my project.

The ADC project compiles and runs just fine.

In the adc_main.c there is an include ref to the debug_printf header and then nestled within the ADCBar function there's a call to the debug_printf command:

#include "adc.h"
#include "debug_printf.h"

//more code in here

void ADCBar(int32_t Channel, uint32_t Counts)
uint32_t ValueBarLen = ((Counts * (MAX_BAR_LENGTH+1)) - (ADC_COUNT_MAX/2 - 1)) / ADC_COUNT_MAX;
char ValueBarBuf[BAR_OUTPUT_LENGTH+1];
double ValueVolts = Counts*SUPPLY_VOLTAGE/ADC_COUNT_MAX;

if(Channel >= 0)
if(ValueBarLen > MAX_BAR_LENGTH) ValueBarLen = MAX_BAR_LENGTH;
FillString(ValueBarBuf, '#', ValueBarLen);
debug_printf("%2d %d.%02dV |%s%*s|\n", (int)Channel,
(int)ValueVolts, (int)((ValueVolts-(int)ValueVolts)*100),
ValueBarBuf, (int)(MAX_BAR_LENGTH-ValueBarLen), "");
FillString(ValueBarBuf, '-', MAX_BAR_LENGTH+2);
debug_printf("%-9s%s\n", "", ValueBarBuf);

In the project tree, there is a little purple icon which shows a link to the lib_small_printf_m0 project, under Includes (image attached, please ignore my broken folders, I changed a folder name and now they won't go away).

There are various references to that folder inside the project properties under links/paths and so on.

Debug_printf.c and debug.printf.h both appear inside the Driver folder in the project tree.

I duplicated all of this in my own project.

Got a little purple project link icon in the includes parts of my project tree, copied the references into the project properties and copied the .h and .c files into my project drivers folder.

So at the top of my code I have the following:
#include "driver_config.h"
#include "target_config.h"
#include "adc.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "timer32.h"
#include "i2c.h"
#include "debug_printf.h"

/* Main Program */

int main (void) {
debug_printf("POV Firmware running!");

When I try to build the project, Eclipse tells me that there is an undefined reference to 'debug_printf' on that line in my project.

Additionally I get
make: *** [POV_Solar_rev1.axf] Error 1

in the errors window.

When I click 'Open declaration' for debug_printf I get a little red message at the bottom right of the IDE window which states Could not find symbol 'debug_printf' in index. Which implies to me that the linking/referencing of the library hasn't worked properly.

Please can someone explain how to properly import a project as a reference/library to another project and/or tell me how to fix up my references so that the project compiles. Google has failed me on this one and the LPC documentation about this is not anywhere I can see (if its available and I've missed it please point me, more than happy to RTFM!)

Project files attached if you wanted to have a look around.

Any tips much appreciated

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