SPI interface with TFT LCD (LPC1114)

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Hi, i am trying to interface with 1.8 TFT LCD with SPI, using a LPC1114 based board. I have interfaced with the display using a AVR MCU before, so the display setup should not be the issue. I have corrected numerous errors, but don't find any more. The PIO2_1 pin(pin 13 on the board) is selected as SSP1 SCK, and goes to the SPI clock input on the display module. The PIO2_3 pin(pin 38 on the board) goes to the MOSI input. And the PIO2_4 pin(pin 19 on the board) goes to the Data/Command input. TFT_CS input on the display module is connected to ground, it isn't needed to stop the interface sense a 0x00 sends a no operation command.
I'm using a JLink debug probe and assemble the program with GCC ARM embedded toolchain, which works.

Here is my code:

MCU board: https://www.olimex.com/Products/ARM/NXP/LPC-H1114/resources/LPC-H1114_rev_B.pdf
Display driver: http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/ST7735R_V0.2.pdf

Thanks for any feedback!