ADC voltage divider, seeking help for interface and input resistance

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For a project I would like to use the ADC from a LPC11C24FBD48 to measure the voltage of 12V and 24V battieries.

However, I'm struggeling with finding the right resistor values.
So far I have come to the following result:

To get an output voltage of 3.3 V with and input of 30 volt, using:
R1 = 71.2 kOhm
R2 = 8.8 kOhm
C   = 10 nF

From the datasheet I found that the following:
Rvsi      voltage source interface resistance = 40 kOhm
Ri          input resistance  = 2.5 MOhm

Can someone please advice me how to take the interface and input resistance into account?

For a schematic overview of the divider please following the link below.
Circuit drawing