USB Bootloader LPC1114FN28/102

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I will introduce the production example of nonHID.
This is a USB Bootloader of LPC1114FN28/102 (28PIN).


The driver can use libUSB supplied with the 16FUSB.

I've used the WinFormLibUsb (Mr.Joseph Chiu customers' USB host.)
Thanks to him, thank you very much for the wonderful program.



Starting the Bootloader and the program writing method

[Write Procedure]
1.Make a boot switch to ON.
2.Connect the USB device.
3.Host program start-up.
4.The following message is displayed in the lower left when properly is started
  "\\.\libusb 0-0001-0x04d8-0x0628"
5.Select a HEX file.
6.Push "File transfer" button.

[Start-up of the written program]
(Continue to 6,USB plug will not be pulled out)
7.Make a boot switch to OFF.
  USB communication is cut off.
  USB device is not recognized.
  It is supplied from the USB power supply only.
8.Push Reset SW.
9.Start User Program.

The upper limit of the user program size < $6FFC
Bootloader rewrites the reset vector.
(PowerON/Reset --> Pri-Bootloader --> goto User Program)
note:No limit to interrupt the user to use.

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