Secondary CAN bootloader LPC11C24 (interrupts in user app are not running)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Lea on Sat Feb 13 00:44:20 MST 2016
I have written a bootloader for the LPC11C24, that works so far.
The Blinky program from the LPCOpen is running when I flash the firmware with the bootloader, but it does not supports interrupts in my user app.

I copy the vector table from my user app to the location of the vector table of the bootloader before I call the user app.

Is there anything else to be noted?

void run_userApp(void)
unsigned int entry;

SysTick->CTRL = ~(1<<0);


// copy first 0x200 bytes (vector table)
Prepare_Copy((uint32_t *)APP_START_ADDR, (uint32_t *)0x10000000, 512);

// User RAM Mode. Interrupt vectors are re-mapped to Static RAM
    __set_MSP(*(uint32_t *)APP_START_ADDR);
entry = *((volatile unsigned int *)(APP_START_ADDR + 4));