Reinvoke (ISP) not working

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Lea on Sat Feb 13 00:24:55 MST 2016
I am using a LPCA 11C24 and flash new firmware over the primary CANopen bootloader.
My user app process a command to start the reinvoke function. But this causes a crash. I read in other posts that it is important to turn PLL off, set timer value to it defaults., so I modiy my ipa_reinvoke methode

<code >
* @brief Prepare an invoke µC to call isp-command reinvoke
void iap_reinvoke_bootloader(void)
static uint32_t cmd[5] = {IAP_REINVOKE_ISP_CMD,0,0,0,0};
static uint32_t result[4];

cmd[0] = IAP_REINVOKE_ISP_CMD;// reinvoke ISP command


// make sure 32-bit timer 1 is turned on before calling ISP

// make sure GPIO clock is turned on before calling ISP

// make sure IO configuration clock is turned on before calling ISP

// AHB clock divider must 1:1

// disabele PLL
LPC_SYSCTL->MAINCLKSEL = 0;// enable IRQ oscillator
LPC_SYSCTL->MAINCLKUEN = 0x01;// update MLCK clock source
LPC_SYSCTL->MAINCLKUEN = 0x00;// toggle update register

while (!(LPC_SYSCTL->MAINCLKUEN & 0x01))// wait until updated

// reset the stack pointer to point to the top of the stack minus 32 byte for IAP
// for LPC11Cxx where top of RAM (8kB) is 0x1000_2000: MSP = (0x1000_20000 - 0x20 = 0x1000_1FE0)

/* Set stack pointer to ROM value (reset default) */
__set_MSP(*((uint32_t *) 0x100001FE0));

// the cortex M0 needs to synchronize the CPU cache

Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO, 0, 3);
Chip_GPIO_SetPinOutLow(LPC_GPIO, 0, 3);

Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO, 0, 1);
Chip_GPIO_SetPinOutLow(LPC_GPIO, 0, 1);

iap_entry(cmd, result);

Does anyone have a tip for me, what am I doing wrong?