IAP How to know where to save a data

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How to know where to save a data when using IAP. I would like saving data from array. User who have a system, will fill a data array and when data array is full, save into a EEPROM -(IAP) - other options. And when user turn on system, data available.

But I don't know on which location must saving data. I read AN10995 and in this is drawing table Figure 4 (sect. 3.1). I don't understand where saving a my program when programming and where save a data.

I see on LPCXpresso in the right click on project -> Properties -> In the section C/C++ build - MCU settings. I have options edit memory in LPC. My idea is: add Flash or Add RAM (I don't know which) who reserved just for my data. And then get  addresses and size of memory. I must have a 336 bits of memory for my data.  It's OK?

Please help me.