Strange UART receive behavior

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kaldap on Sun Apr 26 11:33:10 MST 2015
Hello all!

I've come into a problem with the UART communication on LPC11C24.
UART periph is correctly initialized and got clock from external 11.0592 MHz xtal.
When the UART is configured for communication at 115200 bauds, everything works like a charm.
Problem begins when I set up 1843200 bauds.
It sends correct data on TXD line and these data are echoed back correctly by counterpart (both checked on logical analyser)
but some gibberish is read from RBR register (even read byte count is not correct).

I've rechecked my board and soldering and found no problem. Even the code seems right (it's modified LpcOpen UART example).
And pin muxing is also set right (checked inside debugger). Am I missing something (e.g. maximum allowed baud rate for reception or another limits)?

Thanks for ideas! I'm starting to think it is chip problem.