Getting LPC1114 up running, controlling backlight (asm)

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Hi, i recently bought a LPC1114 based board( /https://www.olimex.com/Products/ARM/NXP/LPC-H1114/ ). I have a TFT screen backlight wire connected to PIO0_3 pin(14 on the board). The screen lights up, because of the pull-up. Im trying to shut the backlight off, by simply changing the pin to pull-down. However the backlight is still on. The code assembles fine without errors, and i can successfully download it to the MCU. I'm using the fasmarm assembler. Any idea what could be wrong?

Here is my code:

LDRr0 , [PIO0_3_adr]        ;load IOCONFIG_PIO0_3 reg adress
MOVr1 , 0x8        ;select pulldown(0b1000)
STRr1 , [r0 , 0]        ;store in IOCONFIG_PIO0_3 reg


Thanks for responses!