PWM and output No. 3

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Hi everyone,

I design a PCB with PWM on LPC1114 and I need to use PWM1.0 (PIO1.1/MAT0 Timer 1 32b), PWM1.1 (PIO1.2/MAT1 Timer 1 32b) and PWM1.3 (PIO1.4/MAT3 Timer 1 32b) outputs.

I am reading an user manual of LPC1114 and I am wondering is it possible to use PWM1.3/MAT3 as PWM output?
In the user manual is written:
Chapter: 21.7.12
Table: 342
Rev.: 12.1

PWMEN3 PWM channel 3 enable
Note: It is recommended to use match channel 3 to set
the PWM cycle.