Clock problems during debug

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Hello engineers,

We trying to debug/program a lpc1114/333 but there is something wrong and we are out of ideas. We use the simple led blinky example. When programming the chip with SWD everything seams to be ok even after verifying. When we start the debug session in LPCXpresso the status change in running but the debug led is not blinking. When pauze the debugging we can't step through the program. when switching the power off and on the led starts to blink.

-The bootloader pin is high

We use the internal oscillator


#define CLOCK_SETUP           1
#define SYSCLK_SETUP          1
#define SYSOSC_SETUP          1
#define SYSOSCCTRL_Val        0x00000000
#define WDTOSC_SETUP          0
#define WDTOSCCTRL_Val        0x000000A0
#define SYSPLLCLKSEL_Val      0x00000001
#define SYSPLL_SETUP          1
#define SYSPLLCTRL_Val        0x00000023
#define MAINCLKSEL_Val        0x00000000
#define SYSAHBCLKDIV_Val      0x00000001
#define AHBCLKCTRL_Val        0x0001005F
#define SSP0CLKDIV_Val        0x00000001
#define UARTCLKDIV_Val        0x00000001
#define SSP1CLKDIV_Val        0x00000001