LPC11Cxx CANopen CAN register settings - where to find documentation about CAN_BTR?

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I am using a NXP LPC11Cxx controller with onchip ROM drivers for CANopen.
The example driver canopen_driver.c from NXP does not come with a description of that strange CAN_BTR register.

I would like to know where to find documentation about how this register is encoded, specifically which bit positon has which meaning.

I know that the specific CAN parameters like BRP, SJW etc... has to be put there but without knowing the positions thats impossible.

Please don't point me to the documentation of Bosch or links to other forum entries as these might expire and not valid anymore.

Thanks for your help!

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PS: If no documentation is available, please tell the correct settings for 100kbps, 250kbps and 500kbps @ 48MHz clock.
As setting gfor 1000kbps I am using currently CANCLKDIV = 0, CAN_BTR = 0x00002BC2
Sample point is 87,5%