lpc1114 community - where is it?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rickta59 on Thu May 09 05:41:17 MST 2013

I recently started experimenting with the DIP-28 version of the LPC1114 chip. It seems to be a great little chip with lots of features and value for its cost. I'm surprised that a community hasn't sprung up around it to support hobbyists.

Are there any forums or websites that focus on this chip and using it for maker style projects?

Being new to the NXP family of ARM chips I'm also confused about the various NXP official forums. LPCWare seems new so I joined this. But it seems the focus used to be the LPXpresso forum. So I joined that too. But it seems like they are trying to move to LPCWare but hit a bump so they didn't. So which one is the right place to post?

Could someone explain the role of LPCOpenware and how CMSIS fits into that scheme? Is the only why to get the latest CMSIS software for the LPC1114 via downloading the entire LPCOpenWare?